Alfalfa Group, High quality Animal Feed manufacturer. Ukrainian exporter to KSA, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar. Alfa Alfa Group, AlfaAlfa Group, Alpha Alpha Group, Alphaalpha Group, Alphalpha Group

Alfalfa Group is one of the largest feed enterprises in Ukraine and it’s been working at the market since 2012. We operates with a few feeds manufacturing enterprises along with 5,000 hectares of rich fields having potential to grow up more than 100 000 per year. We produce alfalfa straw pellets, meadow hay, alfalfa hay, oat hay, amaranth, sainfoin. We aim at top quality clean and combined feeds. Our biggest value is to create an environmentally-friendly goods that fully meets the needs of animals and favorably affects the production of livestock products. We cooperate with livestock farms and export our products around the world. Only the best agronomists and specialists in this industry work in our company. This allows us to provide top class products. We regularly seek and implement innovative methods of growing feed crops, thereby improving the quality of manufactured goods. Tags: alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay for sale, buy alfalfa hay online, buy hay online, hay, hay bales, hay bales for sale, hay for sale, hay for sale, lucerne hay, lucerne hay for sale