History and Development Ukrainian suppliers / exporter alfalfa hay and straw to Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Dubai, Riyadh, Masqat, Doha, Amman


Alfalfa Group - is a union of three successful companies: GOLDKOR LLC, SCO LLC and Tersos Holdings Limited.

Since 2008, SCO LLC has been collecting, baling straw, meadow hay, and oats. For 11 years, it has been one of the leading companies in the south of Ukraine. It was the first company in Ukraine to master straw pressing technology, which significantly improved the logistics of the goods delivery. Thanks to its capacity, it produces more than 50,000 tons of products and transports it to all countries.

GOLDKOR LLC was founded in 2013. It specifies is the cultivation, collection, pressing and granulation of alfalfa and straw. For 7 years, it managed to occupy one of the main positions in the market, since the company's products are of high quality and environmental friendliness.

The merger took place in 2012 and brought to the world market the new holding Alfalfa Group.

All companies that are part of the Alfalfa Group share a common goal. We produce only high-quality and environment-friendly products. We are regularly in search of new fodder grasses, working on the quality and volume of products. Our main goal to please the needs of our clients as much as possible and deliver products on time. We develop an individual approach to each client, we can prepare an order based on specific needs and wishes. We work with a focus on quality and results!

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