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Alfalfa Pellets is a highly nutritious, high-density, granular feed of alfalfa hay low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber for animals like cattle, horses, ponies, sheep, goats, camels, rabbits, etc.

All of the natural ingredients are preserved in granules.

There are also no harmful compounds due to the drying of raw materials with hot air and the effect of high temperature and high pressure during granulation. They do not contain preservatives or binders and consist of homogeneous and easily digestible fibers. They are available at any time of the year and are suitable for feeding even for older animals.

Alfalfa granules characteristics:

- Protein: 15-17%

- Fiber: 26-30%

- Carotene: 250-300 mg / kg

- Fat: min. 1.5%

- Humidity: 10-12%

The effect of granular alfalfa on animal productivity:

- Increase in average daily milk yield of cow's milk - by 7%

- Increase in weight gain of young cattle - up to 20%

- Increase in pig growth - up to 15%

- Increase in bird growth - by 10%

- Increase in egg production - by 12%

Granulated Alfalfa for Farm Animals

In agricultural sphere production and good animal health depends directly on feeding. It is important to do the best for animals nutrition since at most animal farms livestock is grown for sale, for meat production and further breeding.

Special technology of grass collection and drying was invented specifically for saving 95% of nutrients and vitamins.

Therefore, such food will increase animals productivity significantly. This flour is stored in a form of granules.

Benefits of granulated alfalfa for feeding farm animals:

  • - protein content is 2 times higher compared to other foods;
  • - 3 times more minerals than in grain feed;
  • - several times more vitamins than in the rest of all known feeds.

How exactly does such feeding affect on farm animals?

  • - daily milk yield is 12% higher;
  • - rabbits weight is 8-15% higher;
  • - fattening pigs weight is 10-19% higher;
  • - birds weight is 7-12% higher;
  • - poultry eggs production is 15% higher than standard indicators.

Aforesaid is resulting on savings, since the cost of livestock feeding is 10-20% less.

Obviously, you will benefit financially from the feeds purchase. The breeder will have a profit both in feeding and in livestock production. You can store this product for 1 year in a dry place. Still, if you don’t open packaging, feeds could be stored in a dry place up to 2 years and it won’t lose its nutrients and properties. Animals consume it and digest well.

Thanks to our facilities and a large team of specialists, we provide feed for livestock enterprises around the world.

Minimum order 100 ton

Payment terms: irrevocable L/C, prepayment

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