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Eco-friendly horse bedding made from coniferous pellets. Own production of pellets from fresh pine sawdust.

Wood pellets as a bedding for horses (in stall) and other farm animals

Good bedding is an important part of keeping your horse properly. A litter in the stall should be dry, soft and warm (first of all, this applies to cold season), that is, laying on it a horse should feel a pleasant warmth. There should be enough litter to cover possible crevices in the floor.

Premium horse bedding pellets

In addition to the aforesaid, it should also form a shock-absorbing coating on the floor that prevents hooves from sliding. Pellets have long been used in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. They absorb smell, four times more moisture than sawdust, and twelve times faster than straw. Pellets usage as a bedding saves time significantly on stables maintenance. It is also beneficial for horses since trampling on pellets stimulates blood circulation in the soles of their hooves. Another advantage of pellets is that they decompose into a compost fast, in just five to six weeks.

Litter usage is considered to be a good fertilizer for the soil.

A stall (9m2) is filled with pellets of about 130-150kg (8-10 bags of 15 kg each), while the litter layer is 6-7 cm. While in use, the pellets accumulate liquid and become fluffy. Usually this happens on the third day of using them, and in the stall a litter is obtained from sawdust with a layer up to 15 cm. This kind of litter saves a lot of working time, since the cleaning process comes down to regular collection of droppings, swollen pellets and leveling the top layer with a pitchfork. After a week of using the bedding, new pellets are to be applied into the stall instead of swollen ones.

Wood pellet bedding profitability

The lifespan of such a litter is about 6 months. After that, old litter should be completely removed and filled in a new batch.
Pellets advantages over other types of horse bedding: 
- good for the horse; 
- do not contain dust; 
- have antiseptic properties; 
- have increased absorbent qualities; 
- facilitate horse care; 
- reduce labor costs for cleaning the stall; 
- highly profitable; 
- convenient in storage; 
- do not rot during long-term storage; 
- convenient to transport to the stall; 
- do not require further processing.

Minimum dust content

Softwood pellets are the most beneficial for horses that are prone to allergic reactions, including such diseases as asthma.

Easy to care for your horse

A horse is easier and faster to clean when wood pellets are used as bedding. Its coat is not covered with dust, while mane and tail are free from the combing of shavings, branches and hay.

Antiseptic properties

- Phytoncides contained in coniferous granules have a beneficial effect on respiratory the horse's pipes, destroy disease-causing bacteria and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. 
- Coniferous granules are subject to high-temperature processing during pressing, so a number of harmful microorganisms are destroyed. It prevents the risk of molding in the stall.

Increased absorption properties

Wood pellets absorb fluids 5 times more then their own volume.

Reduced cleaning work

Due to their properties, wood pellets are easily separated from manure. Saving time for cleaning the stall will allow you to pay more attention to the animal itself. Cleaning consists of collecting droppings and swollen granules regularly and leveling the top layer with a pitchfork.

Wood pellets are not a subject to decay

Wood pellets when stored properly are not a subject to decay, unlike other types of litter. Shelf life of wood pellets is not limited when stored properly.

Easy to transport

The bags can be delivered to the stall conveniently and quickly. They won't pour out of the bag. The bag's light weight makes it easy to care for the horse.

Do not require processing

After cleaning the stall, 100% biodegradable granules do not require any special processing. The process of rotting pellets in compost takes about 1.5 months.

Horse bedding made of pine pellets by ‘EcoLux Pellets’

Raw material is 100% pine sawdust without impurities. Products are heat treated, produced under a press, have high density properties.

Thanks to our facilities and a large team of specialists, we provide horse bedding enterprises around the world.

Minimum order 100 ton

Payment terms: irrevocable L/C, prepayment

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