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This crop is one of the most nutritious and beneficial for animals. Sainfoin contains condensed tannins that protect animals from bloating.

Also, animals that consume sainfoin have a significant weight gain, which is especially important in beef cattle breeding.

We can produce it both in a pure form and in the form of an herbal mixture. For example, the combination of sainfoin with alfalfa has a beneficial effect on the condition of animals and is well consumed by them.

Sainfoin is not inferior in forage value, protein, and other nutrients to clover and alfalfa.

The seeds of this plant contain raffinose, sucrose, fatty oils with solid fatty acids. Sainfoin includes Vitamin P. The crop has a beneficial effect not only on the digestive system of animals but also on their overall condition: nervous system, appearance.

Thanks to our facilities and a large team of specialists, we provide feed for livestock enterprises around the world.

Minimum order 100 ton

Payment terms: irrevocable L/C, prepayment

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