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The use of amaranth makes feeding more balanced in amino acid composition and complete in terms of useful minerals and trace elements.

It is especially important to include it into the diet when the animal feed has a deficiency of vitamins and feed protein.

Thanks to the use of this crop, you can increase milk yield and fat content of milk, as well as increase the gain in live weight of animals aged 3 to 6 months.

Amaranth has unique properties.

Animals do not gain excess fat and their meat becomes softer, tastier and healthier. The quality of amaranth protein is considered to be very high due to the significant content of essential amino acids. In particular, the valuable amino acid lysine (4.3-5.7% of the total seed protein), which is two times more than wheat and 3 times more. than corn and sorghum, and even comparable to soy.

Thanks to our facilities and a large team of specialists, we provide feed for livestock enterprises around the world.

Minimum order 100 ton

Payment terms: irrevocable L/C, prepayment

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