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Granular straw is one of the most useful animal feeds. Thanks to modern equipment and the use of environment-friendly fertilizers, our straw retains all the natural ingredients and has no harmful compounds. The grass structure is completely preserved and does not contain dust. It is convenient in transportation and storage, easy to use and dosage.

It contains 3%-6% protein, favorably affects animals and is well absorbed in their body.

Thanks to the production technology, they do not contain dust and harmful compounds, and the straw structure is also completely preserved. Granules are available at any time of the year and are very easy to use. They are convenient to transport and store. The bulk density of the granules is much higher than the ordinary straw. Granules are easy to dose, they are great for automated feeding. In addition, they can be used as bedding for animals.

Straw pellets characteristics:

Protein: 3-6%

Fiber: 30-40%

Carotene: 250-300 mg / kg

Fat: min 0.03-0.50%

Humidity: 8-10%

Herbal granules for animals

Since fresh grass for farm animals feed is available mainly in summer, there is a need to harvest grass for winter in a form of hay or straw. However, modern equipment allows producing a stock of animal feed in the best and most compact way, in form of herbal granules.

What are herbal granules?

It is powdered and pressed grass used as a bait or as a substitute of a main feed (hay, straw). Advantages of granular feed are the following: in this form grass is stored much longer, avoid being molded or rotten. Experts agree that pressed grass is more easily digested by animals digestive tract and this leads to livestock rapid growth and thickening.

Which animals can consume granular grass?

This type of feed is suitable for almost any type of farm animals, poultry, pig, rabbit, etc. Over the past decades, grass granules are used widely and this brings certain benefits.

Straw granules are used as litter for horses and other animals

Straw granules are produced using new technologies and are cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative for all existing litter types. Soft straw pellets are ideal for use in a stall. Pellets have been used for a long time as bedding in Germany, Austria and other European countries, USA, Canada. Straw pellets are the best choice for livestock farms, stud farms and poultry farms.

Benefits of straw pellets:

  • made of 100% natural straw without any chemical additives, flavorings
  • they quickly absorb moisture 3 times more than its own weight
  • absolutely harmless to animals, have no harmful effect for horses respiratory system, do not emit harmful phenols and acids
  • pass heat treatment since high temperature kills most pests, spores and fungi
  • absorb ammonia smell and other unpleasant odors
  • no dust, rot, sand and metal impurities
  • form a soft, elastic and non-slip surface, do not heat the hooves, trampling straw pellets stimulates blood circulation of hooves sole
  • poultry legs remain clean, healthy and do not darken due to high moisture absorption
  • animals care become simpler since it takes 30-40% less time for cleaning compared to other types of litter
  • due to density of about 600 kg / m 3 litter take up less space for storage and transportation
  • minimize costs due to economical consumption
  • used granules can be used as an excellent fertilizer

Thanks to our facilities and a large team of specialists, we provide feed for livestock enterprises around the world.

Minimum order 100 ton

Payment terms: irrevocable L/C, prepayment

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